Yarrow House

Takhoma...Breast of Milk-White Waters

on maps called Rainier

Clouds bundle through the sky,
ocean’s children
northwest eternal rain
and clouds going inland
going inland

Grey and gray, boiling and churning
blue and brown, yellow
swirling against her feet:

She drinks them down, spouts glacial rivers, milk-white
streams and rains the rest on all her roots and berries

Ocean calls his sons and daughters
his children who do not come home
they leave and do not return: 
    Ah’ Tah lah’ tah lah’
   Come home, come
   Ah’ tah lah’tah lah’

Takhoma silent, glazed, draws
her trees up her slopes
sends her waters through the hills
in white streams, green rivers. The children answer:
    Yes, we come
   We come

Also published in Edge, Spring 1990