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Books in the Joshi Farre series

Debts of Honor

Joshi Farre, dissolute daughter of a poverty-stricken Great Family, has just bought into the deal of a lifetime, if she can market the stolen biotransmitters before their owners catch up with her. All she has to do is find the right buyers, avoid the unknown attackers and former friends who keep trying to steal the bioTs from her, and juggle all the other demands on her time and honor. A surprise visit from a troupe of tubby green Iiflings wanting her help, and the mysterious disappearance of the heir to a Great Family fortune complicate her dealing.

The Bones of the Matter

Joshi Farre, grudgingly responsible daughter of a struggling Great Family, accepts a job offer from Raincaller, a former business partner, thinking it will break the monotony of the regular life she's fallen into. When the job immediately turns sticky, she talks an old street dealer friend into acting as her backup. Together the three hunt down the Globe of Chothones. Their search is complicated by the presence of an offplanet alien searching for his brother, Raincaller's secrecy about the true reason for the search, and Joshi's mother's plot to sign a contract marriage for Joshi without her knowledge.


This completes the three-novel sequence, that includes Bones of the Matter and Debts of Honor. Joshi joins with the alien quarter water rebels to break the hold of the Water Board on the alien water supply. As usual her plans are complicated by unexpected factors, including the Iif, the tubby green Iiflings, and Family Farre schemes to regain political power.

Joshi Farre: Ryder in the 'Waes

In this first, swashbuckling novel in the series, Joshi is 19, a rebel on principle, and just learning to ryde the nervewaes. While trying to rescue her uncle and lover from a space pirate slave market, she manages to get entangled with a sentient plant looking for a new home to colonize, a larcenous Iif with a stolen package of one of the most dangerous drugs in the galaxy, and the Companions of the Cave, self-appointed guardians of free access to the nervewaes.


When an old friend's young daughter shows up begging for Joshi Farre's help, Joshi can't say no, even though it means a trip to the Warzone with no guarantees of return.

Weigh the Wind

Joshi joins with the Companions of the Cave to thwart the Centrum's effort to close the nervewaes.