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Hillclimb photos


Hillside clearing is underway

The unwanted cottonwoods and damaged maple were removed in June 2013, and plans are underway to remove the blackberries and other weeds from the hillside in Sept. Compost will be spread on the hillside and topped with wood chips prior to planting.

Stairway construction completed

The Seattle Department of Transportation completed the stairway in May 2013, turning a treacherous dirt path into a wide stairway with a landing halfway up the hillside.

Small and Simple matching grant awarded for landscape implementation

Seattle Department of neighborhoods awarded Friends of Charlestown Hillclimb a Small and Simple match grant of $25,000 to implement the landscape design. The funds will be used to hire a contractor to clear the hillside, and to buy plants and temporary irrigation supplies, including an above-ground cistern. We will match the funds with volunteer labor to plant the plants, manage the irrigation, and provide maintenance for the new landscaping. Additional matches will come from donated cash to buy water for three years until the plants have become established.

Landscape plans approved and DOT permit issued

On Jan. 18, 2013, Seattle Department of Transportation approved the landscape design and issued a use permit for the landscaping.

Landscape architect for Hillclimb design

The Friends of Charlestown Hillclimb hired Johnson-Southerland, a local landscape architect firm with offices in Columbia City, to develop the landscape design for the Charlestown Hillclimb. They will begin working on the project july 30. Johnson-Southerland has done many projects in SE Seattle including the Seward Park playground and the comprehensive trail plan.

In June we advertised our request for proposals and received 32 requests for the RFP packet. By the deadline on July 6th, seven firms had submitted proposals. At least two reviewers reviewed each proposal. We selected three finalists: Johnson- Southerland, Barker Landscape Architects, and SB&A to interview. All three firms were well qualified and had worked with volunteer-driven projects. On the whole, however, we found Johnson and Southerland to be the best match for our group and our project. 

Stairway construction begins in June 2012!

Seattle Department of Transportation is building the stairway during summer 2012. The stairway will have a bicycle trough along one side for bike riders to walk their bikes up or down the hill. Construction is expected to be completed in early August.